Jerry “The King” Lawler cleared from lawsuit

Lawler Cleared in Lawsuit

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) -Jerry Lawler was involved in a legal smackdown in a Shelby County courtoom on Tuesday, November 26th. He's being sued by a Memphis man who is one of the fans who claim Lawler's former podcast partner, Glenn Moore, scammed them out of money by selling them wrestling memorabilia that never arrived.

Jason Lurie says he paid Moore $1500 to have The King, who is a talented artist, paint a portrait of Lurie's beloved cat, Bentley. Lurie says Lawler was aware of this deal because Moore talked about it with him during one of their podcasts.

So when the painting never arrived, and Lurie didn't get his money back from Moore, he filed a lawsuit. His attorneys argued that Lawler should be held responsible, and should pay Lurie the $1500, plus the costs of the litigation. Lawler took the stand in his own defense.

"I explained to the judge," he said, "that I have no ill will toward Mr. Lurie. He's a victim in this, but I'm a victim as well. I mean, I'm out, thanks to Glenn Moore, I'm out more money than Jason Lurie was."

Judge Lynn Cobb ruled in favor of Lawler saying, "the court is of the opinion that Mr. Moore was not an agent, servant or employee of Mr. Lawler and assumed more of the trappings of a loose facilitator than anything else. Plaintiff has failed to sustain their burden of proof, a judgement for the defendant will be entered."

Lurie told WMC Action News 5 he is disappointed with the verdict and will appeal.

"I gotta stand up for what's right," he said, "that's it, pure and simple. This has absolutely nothing to do with money. This has nothing to do with fame and fortune. This is all about what's right."

Lurie used "Friends and Family" on PayPal to send Moore the $1500, and you cannot get your money refunded with that option.

He is also suing Moore, who was a no-show in court. Lawler says he hasn’t spoken to Moore in months and doesn’t know where his former podcast partner is living these days.

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