A Better Region 8: Looking ahead to 2020 and beyond for Jonesboro

A Better Region 8: Looking ahead to 2020 and beyond for Jonesboro

(KAIT) -The Jonesboro City Council is working on the 2020 budget.

Among some positives like additional police department spending, it includes a negative in spending, a deficit of nearly $4 million.

City leaders say the proposed budget does take that into account and will even out by the time it hits the bottom line.

Still, we all know we can’t spend more than we take in forever.

We’d like to think the city has the budget figured out, but this is the same city council and government that can’t figure out how to rename a city street after Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr.

There is a much bigger concern facing our city government: What’s the city working towards? What’s our plan? Our vision?

We have a master street plan and zoning laws, but not an overall comprehensive plan.

We hear bits and pieces of it around town.

Team Jonesboro, for example, had a vision. However, about 200 more voters didn’t like that vision than did.

The proposed city master plan called Vision 2030 was shot down before it could be voted on.

We aren’t going to wade off right now into why it failed or if it was the best for the city.

But what we are left with is no plan, no vision.

Without a common goal, we will continue to see upside-down city budgets until essential services get cut.

That reality is right around the corner.

Let’s figure out where we’re going together. It will make this a better Jonesboro and a better Region 8.

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