Jonesboro, company reach agreement to move downtown scrap yard

Jonesboro, company reach agreement to move downtown scrap yard

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - Jonesboro’s mayor and TRG Jonesboro have come to an agreement to move TRG Jonesboro’s scrap metal recycling yard.

Bill Campbell, director of communication for the city, said Mayor Harold Perrin and Alter Trading Corp. Chief Administrative Officer Jack Grundfest reached an agreement to move the yard from Flint Street to the industrial area in the eastern part of Jonesboro.

This move opens up almost nine acres of land, and gives a lot of redeveloping opportunities for downtown Jonesboro.

There have been a few ideas for the space, but Mayor Perrin said it ultimately depends on who buys the land.

“It depends on who actually comes in and purchases the property and things of that nature,” said Perrin. “But I would like the city to certainly be involved in whatever goes there to just make sure that it is compatible for the area.”

Mayor Perrin said Thursday the possibility for redevelopment here goes hand-in-hand with all of the other improvements and changes happening in the downtown area, and the city is excited to see that expand even more.

It will take some time for TRG to move to their new location, but Mayor Perrin said the city will stay in touch throughout the process.

Alter Trading Corp., who does business as TRG Jonesboro, bought the site of the former Jonesboro Recycling Team on Vance Drive and will start moving materials and equipment from the eastern portion of their Flint Street location to the west.

That will move materials farther from downtown Jonesboro.

The plan will eventually close the downtown site and relocate.

Mayor Perrin will also submit an ordinance to the Jonesboro City Council to prohibit new junk, salvage, or scrap yards in the city limits.

“They have an important business which has been located in Jonesboro since 1907, but it’s been in an unfortunate location in recent years for the redevelopment of downtown Jonesboro,” Perrin said. “I am grateful to Mr. Grundfest that he is understanding of our needs to grow quality of life downtown, and that Alter Trading Corp. has agreed to purchase property in a more suitable location.”

The news release from the city said Mayor Perrin and city Chief of Staff Mike Downing have been in negotiations with Grundfest throughout this year.

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