A Better Region 8: Give college academics the same attention we give college athletics

A Better Region 8: Give college academics same attention as college athletics

(KAIT) -It's early December and that means college football is peaking, both for teams that are winning and those that aren't.

Congrats to Arkansas State on a ninth consecutive bowl appearance and congrats to Arkansas on finding a new head coach.

Social media was on fire this weekend with anticipation around the country on what teams would end up in what bowl game and what coach might land at what school.

And that’s what’s been lost, these are still schools, with students, who make grades and get diplomas in an effort to improve their lives.

I’m as guilty as anyone when it comes to enthusiasm in college athletics and less enthusiastic about academics, well for anyone other than my own children.

We have signing events for athletes that get a lot of attention.

Nettleton is one of a handful of schools that makes a big deal out of academic signings and Arkansas State Chancellor Doctor Kelly Damphousse does a great job on social media too.

Outside of academia, however, these events don’t get a lot of interest.

We know this because we know how many people click on our web stories, and that’s unfortunate.

There are a lot of talented and well deserving athletes that get a lot of recognition.

But there are also a lot of talented students who will help lead our communities and country soon and we need to show them the same interest and attention.

It’ll make this A Better Region 8.

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