Students hope to build a better Brookland

Students hope to build a better Brookland

BROOKLAND, Ark. (KAIT) - A group of Craighead County high schoolers is fighting to “Build a Better Brookland.”

Their main focus is putting work back into the community. Their plans consist of many projects, but they can’t start them without the public’s help.

"That’s something I wouldn’t have the opportunity to do if I wasn’t a part of this club,” 12th grader Sydney Ward said. The group she’s referring to is the Habitat Club.

The entire city, including the police department and Mayor Kenneth Jones, decided to join this movement and work alongside the school.

With the public helping out, the Habit Club grew into a new group called Building a Better Brookland.

According to project sponsor Melany Bowman, Habitat Club began as an EAST program.

Building a Better Brookland President and 12th-grade student Genesis Marshall said a total of 20 students plan to do great things, but they’ll have to get their hands dirty.

"Redoing the painting on someone’s house, or fixing some siding, something small like that, something to just get us started off,” Marshall said.

She said while most people in Brookland like to do things around their homes themselves, they want to be there to help those who aren’t able to.

“The people that can’t do that. So even if they don’t feel that they should apply, they should apply,” Marshall said.

These kids are also getting a chance to learn isn’t something they can do in a normal classroom setting.

"It really gets them out there and they get to see how they’re making a difference in their community by helping those who can’t do for themselves,” Marshall said.

The group needs people to fill out applications so they know who needs help the most.

While the group has a little money saved, they’re still in need of financial help.

The deadline to apply is Feb. 25, 2020. To pick up an application, go to Brookland City Hall or Brookland High School.

For an online application or to donate, email

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