Fire department uses grant to keep their firefighters safe

Fire department uses grant to keep their firefighters safe

MARMADUKE, Ark. (KAIT) - An ISO Class 2 rating fire station right in Greene County received a major grant they’re using to keep their volunteer firefighters even safer.

A Homeland Security, FEMA assistant firefighter grant totaled over

$76,000 was awarded to the Marmaduke Fire Department.

They’re planning on purchasing more lifesaving equipment for their 22 firefighters.

The lights, hoses, and ladders are what people usually notice on a firetruck.

What’s important is the gear each firefighter attached to them.

Custom face shields for each firefighter, built-in harnesses to new pants and reflective traffic vests are some of the new additions to the department.

Matthew Pruett, assistant fire chief, said all these additions will help save lives.

“[New] additional pieces of equipment that we’ve got, we tried to do everything we could on this purchase to make sure that the firefighter was in mind,” Pruett said.

Boots, helmets, and gloves will also be replaced for the firefighters.

Pruett says these new additions are all cancer blocking.

“This job is one of the most dangerous jobs you can have,” Pruett said.

Cancer-causing carcinogens have been found within building materials in houses when they burn, Pruett added.

In addition to the new equipment, the city recently purchased the department a new rescue truck to respond to these life-saving calls.

$10,000 of the FEMA grant will go to adding equipment to the truck.

Pruett said all of these additions will help them respond faster and more safely.

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