Emergency officials want you to take added step to track smaller quakes

Emergency officials want you to track earthquakes.

NEW MADRID COUNTY, Mo. (KFVS) The earthquake map from the United States Geological Survey shows a lot of activity of earthquake activity in New Madrid County.

Emergency workers want you to take an added step to help track these smaller quakes.

New Madrid County EMA Director Dave McClarty said earthquakes rattle the area all the time because they are located on a fault line.

“We get comfortable between the shakes and we don’t think much about it,” McClarty said.

He said although they get a lot of activity, people should not forget about the severity of earthquakes.

“We want them to at least be thinking about it just like they should about the weather.”

He said that’s why they encourage people to report them using a simple tool on the USGS website.

"There’s a Google ‘Did you feel it?' you Google, 'Did you feel it’ and then there’s about five or six questions, and it takes less than a minute to answer,” McClarty said.

Your information is then used to track where these smaller quakes hit.

“It’s used to plot the reports and then it’s put on maps and then we get to see those maps and get an idea of the activity that is going on in our area,” he said.

Don Scallion and Lynn Byerly said they won’t worry too much about earthquakes.

“I felt a couple of them,” Byerly said.

“I’ll be 63 years old next week, and we ain’t had a big one yet and this ground never quits moving,” said Scallion.

McClarty said although a big one hasn’t hit yet, he encourages everyone to always be prepared.

“We want folks to be aware of the danger that comes with the event of an earthquake."

McClarty encourages you to practice and remember drop, cover and hold on in the event of an earthquake.

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