Northeast Arkansas Humane Society receives pounds of litter from anonymous donor

Northeast Arkansas Human Society receives pounds of litter from anonymous donor

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - The Northeast Arkansas Humane Society received boxes of litter from an anonymous donor and they have no complaints. They said it’s coming in handy.

The organization received six boxes of 80-pound bags of litter from Chewy with no trace of who donated the items.

Anna Smith, the executive director, said this is the third time for it to happen.

“It makes me very excited to know that our community supports us and is thinking about the needs we have for our animals,” Smith said.

She said no matter what anyone donates, they will also find a use for it, but something like litter is undeniably helpful.

And believe it or not, even with the amount of litter they received, Smith said they will go through that in a week alone.

The humane society said they're open to receiving any donation. They do have a wish list on Amazon.

Smith said they send a huge thank you to that person and anyone who thinks about the needs of the animals.

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