City of Trumann continues debate on ‘vicious animal’ ordinance

Community discusses pit bull ordinance

TRUMANN, Ark. (KAIT) - After an attempt to amend a vicious animal ordinance in Trumann, a council member has gone back to the drawing boards.

Tuesday, Councilman Matthew Miller presented a new amendment that would allow dogs referred to as pit bulls back into the city limits.

Before it could move on to a second reading next month, many expressed their opinions regarding the 8-year-old vicious or dangerous animal ordinance.

“Punish the deed and not the breed,” Trumann resident Tracey Cooper said.

Many people traveled to the city to hear and speak on the topic

“I want to point out that any dog can bite at any time and most of the time it is a provoked bite,” said Rhonda Qualls, an animal advocate.

Qualls said many bites are caused by family pets and usually the kids provoke it.

But, one Trumann man said his grandson did nothing to the family pitbull and it attacked him out of the blue.

“How many of you would like to walk around with this scar? Or your grandchildren?" Rick Atkins asked.

Following public comment, the city voted to push the ordinance to second reading giving one West Memphis man who plans to move to the city soon hope that he will soon be able to see more dogs that look like his service dog, Sweetie.

“Every dog has its own personality and not all dogs are mean," Stephen Patterson said. "Dogs don’t know what mean is until they are made that way.”

Miller said next month he will continue to work on educating the city about these animals and hopes more people will come out and speak for change.

The next meeting is Tuesday, Feb. 11.

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