Greensborough Village plans to open this Spring

Greensborough Village plans to open this spring

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - A 200-acre development on Hilltop has made some progress in the last few months.

Greensborough Village is getting closer and closer to becoming what one developer with Halsey Thrasher Harpole Real Estate Group calls “a city inside the city.”

The property is hard to miss; it sits right off of one of the busiest streets in Jonesboro and coming this spring, citizens will be allowed on the property.

"This spring is going to be a monumental landmark for us at Greensborough Village. As you can see behind you, all the streets are now in in the commercial part of the development,” Gary Harpole said.

The Malco will open and leases will available at the Landing.

This week, final sidewalks are being poured in. All the electric, water and sewer are in its final stages.

Harpole says the entire project has been a tremendous undertaking and there has never been a development of this size in the market.

“We’re finally turning the curb and we’re going to have residency and movies are going to be showing by the spring. We’ll have other restaurants under construction and other retail under construction and the next step for us is going to be beginning to open up the single-family part of the development,” Harpole said.

The single-family development is the other 80 of 200 acres that has not been cleared. As far as the commercial part, two restaurant lots have been closed and others, along with retail are in the works.

Harpole says the weather is finally clearing up for some big moves.

“It looks like we are finally about to get ahead of the weather for one time. We are real excited," Harpole said.

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