Legislation filed in Mo. to fight call ‘spoofing’

Legislation filed in Mo. to fight call ‘spoofing’
Scammers can appear to be calling from a legitimate number in what's known as "spoofing." (Source: HNN)

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (KFVS) - Legislation was filed to combat the growing problem of call spoofing.

Call spoofing is when telemarketers try to mask their identities by using a phone number that is more recognizable or familiar. The fake number scam can result in innocent people be defrauded.

House Bill 2175 would add call spoofing to Missouri’s existing no-call list statute. With this the Missouri Attorney General could go after call spoofing scammers and fine them for their actions.

HB 2175 was filed by State Representative Steve Helms and now awaits assignment to committee for further discussion.

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