Hytrol to add 35 new jobs, implement new schedule changes

Hytrol to add 35 new jobs, implement new schedule changes

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) -A well-known employer in Jonesboro will add 35 new jobs while changing work schedules.

Hytrol Conveyor Company Inc. said Monday they will shift its schedule from a traditional five-days a week schedule with three shifts to a schedule of two four-day ten-hour shifts. This will allow the company to add two 12-hour shifts working Friday through Sunday.

“One of our core values is family," Vice President of Operations Jack Roberts says. "Considering that aspect we wanted to make sure as we planned our work-life balance going forward that played a significant role.”

The transition to the new schedule starts Feb. 3 with the schedule being fully integrated by March 1.

The new jobs are expected to be available by April.

The significant growth over the past several years has impacted the work-life balance of their workforce.

The company hopes the adjustment to the plant hours will allow Hytrol to continue to grow and preach the core value of family.

“Family to us means that we care for people at work and at home,” Hytrol President David Peacock said. “We’re striving to do that while also making sure to optimize the way we manufacture our products. By implementing these changes, we are increasing our workforce to meet the needs of our customers in an industry that is always changing.”

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