School: Student left AR-15 in car on school campus

School: Student left AR-15 in car on school campus

BROOKLAND, Ark. (KAIT) - A 16-year-old Brookland student was escorted from campus Tuesday afternoon after leaving his AR-15 in his car.

The Brookland School attorney tells Region 8 News that at approximately 1 p.m., a teacher overheard a Brookland High School student telling another student that he had left an AR-15 gun in his vehicle on campus.

The teacher immediately reported this to the school administration who notified the police and confronted the student.

The student was escorted to his vehicle where he opened it and identified where the weapon was.

The student said he had been shooting over the weekend and left it in his vehicle.

The weapon never left the vehicle while it was on campus.

The school says they're continuing to cooperate with law enforcement and is completing its own investigation.

Attorney Donn Mixon, who represents the school, said Wednesday the school board would meet to discuss if the student, who is in the 10th grade, should be expelled

The student remains out of school on suspension.

No threats were made by the student against any student or staff member.

No students or staff were harmed in any manner.

Mixon said it will be up to the police to decide if the student should face any criminal charges.

The Brookland School District appreciates the attention and dedication to safety exhibited by its teacher. This is an example of the attention paid to safety on Brookland campuses.
Brookland School District

School Safety Notice: At approximately 1:00 this afternoon, a teacher overheard a Brookland High School student telling...

Posted by Brookland Public Schools on Tuesday, February 11, 2020

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