Blocking driveways keep EMS from getting to emergencies

Blocking driveways keeps EMS from getting to emergencies

PARAGOULD, Ark. (KAIT) - An ambulance base in Paragould, sometimes, has a hard time getting out onto the highway because traffic blocks their driveway.

The Arkansas Methodist Medical Center’s ambulance service on the west side of town sees plenty of traffic.

A nearby school and a closely located traffic light aren’t helping the issue. Paramedics working at the base noticed an increase in traffic in the area since moving in around 2017.

Director of EMS for AMMC Huston Bowden says it happens multiple times a day.

“We have had congestion in front of our base, and I don’t think anybody actually understands the impact of parking or waiting in line for the light to turn and traffic to flow,” he says.

Bowden says other departments in Paragould experience the same thing.

“This doesn’t pertain to EMS, this looks at fire departments, police departments and also businesses,” he says. “They need to look at where they’re in line at traffic because people need to get in and out. Traffic needs to flow.”

Bowden says it is important to be aware of your surroundings especially when you’re in traffic.

“Seconds, minutes matter with us,” he says.

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