City of Trumann to get federal agent

City of Trumann to get federal agent

TRUMANN, Ark. (KAIT) - The Northeast Arkansas Safe Streets Task Force has been working to remove violent criminals from all over the region and more police departments are getting their own federal agents.

And in the next couple of weeks, a task force agent will be sworn in for the city of Trumann.

“With this task force, we are able to put them [criminals] in for max time,” Police Chief Chad Henson said.

He says city officials are able to enforce city and state laws and these agents are able to not only enforce federal laws but always arrest and charge criminals on federal charges.

This not only removes the criminals from the area, but it gives those charges a “little more teeth.”

He also says in his 20 years on the force, he hasn’t seen a task force this large, giving his department more opportunities to network.

“This is a game changer for Trumann, but we’ve been doing this zero-tolerance on violent crime for years. So, this will again enhance our ability to give these people max time," Henson said.

Through this task force, they will work hand and hand with other agencies in the area.

Chief Henson says there’s nothing but great things that can come out of having this agent and they are hoping to get the same results as many other cities.

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