Arkansas leads U.S. in meth use, study finds

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Updated: Feb. 21, 2020 at 10:16 AM CST
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JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - Sit in an Arkansas courtroom on any given day, and the results of a recent nationwide study become apparent: methamphetamine use is a continuing, still growing problem.

In fact, Arkansas leads the nation in the number of people testing positive for meth, according to a study by Millennium Health.

Methamphetamine positivity rates in the state totaled 28.7% last year, far ahead of Iowa which ranked second in the nation with 20.8%

Our northern neighbor also ranked within the top 10 states for meth. Missouri came in 9th place with 10.5% testing positive for the drug.

1Maryland (14.6%)Arkansas (28.7%)Washington (6.3%)Kentucky (16.2%)
2Maine (13.8%)Iowa (20.8%)New Mexico (6.0%)Ohio (13.6%)
3Ohio (12.2%)Washington (20.7%)Alaska (4.9%)Maryland (13.0%)
4Virginia (10.7%)Kentucky (20.3%)Kentucky (4.0%)Maine (10.1%)
5North Carolina (10.0%)Minnesota (16.5%)Utah (3.2%)New Hampshire (9.6%)
6Louisiana (7.3%)New Mexico (15.5%)Virginia (3.1%)Illinois (8.6%)
7Kentucky (7.1%)Alaska (13.5%)Nevada (3.0%)Virginia (8.3%)
8Illinois (6.2%)Montana (12.3%)Ohio (2.7%)Arizona (4.1%)
9Wisconsin (5.3%)Missouri (10.5%)Oregon (2.6%)New Mexico (3.4%)
10New Mexico (5.3%)Idaho (9.8%)California (2.5%)Louisiana (3.3%)

Nationally, Millennium Health reported meth-positive rates increased by 129.6% since 2015.

The researchers said the explosion of meth use across much of the country explains in part the 5-fold increase in deaths due to the drug since 2010.

To read the full report, click here.

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