New program focuses on positive behavior strategies for students

New program focuses on positive behavior strategies for students

HIGHLAND, Ark. (KAIT) - The Highland High School recently started a new program aimed at focusing on positive behavior strategies.

Teachers and other faculty members can sign students up for the “Caught Being Good” program for everything from holding a door open to helping another student with an assignment.

This positive behavior intervention rewards students for good deeds, and reminds them that someone is always paying attention.

Dean of Students Mike Hemme started the program in the fall 2019 semester to show students that correcting negative behavior isn’t a school’s main focus when it comes to discipline.

“Part of positive based intervention in regards to discipline is this whole caught being good concept of rewarding students for doing good stuff,” said Hemme.

Since starting the program, Hemme says there’s a noticeable difference in the way students act at school, and students are always working toward being kind to one another as well as to their teachers and other school employees.

Teachers are allowed to recognize as many students as they want, and they are all recognized monthly during an assembly.

The school’s student of the month program was also started based on the “Caught Being Good” program.

One student is selected at random for student of the month from each grade, out of every student selected for “Caught Being Good” that month.

Hemme said the staff at Highland High School hope the program continues to create a culture of positivity on campus.

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