Citizens air grievances at community meeting with Suddenlink

Updated: Feb. 27, 2020 at 11:44 PM CST
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JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - A heated meeting Thursday between AlticeUSA/Suddenlink and the community was held, with many customers of the company upset with their service provider over multiple problems and many of them showed up looking for answers.

“The services have been down since I’ve had it. The internet, the phone, the cable,” Suddenlink customer Ulrika Cooper said.

Cooper has been a customer of the company since 2007. She has had eight technicians come out to her home and she claims nothing has been fixed.

Her complaints were not alone. Customers were asked to write down their problems on forms to be addressed by the company in the town-hall meeting.

The questions would then be addressed by the panel which included Brad Ayers, Sr. Director of Governmental Affairs, Jenny Massey and Robbie Lee, both Regional Vice Presidents and Darren Bouma, Director of Operations.

For two hours, residents of the community sat and stood in the room hoping that their questions would be picked from the stack, but only about a dozen or more made it within the time of the meeting.

“They didn’t even get through half the questions and they really didn’t even answer them," customer Rachel Morgan said. “They just kind of filibuster. I don’t think they realize the issue and how dissatisfied we are here in Jonesboro with Suddenlink.”

Billing, poor services, customer service and even the fact that there are no waiting chairs in the lobby of the building were brought up.

Regional Director Robbie Lee addressed billing, saying the merge of Altice USA and Suddenlink may have been the problem with some statements.

“There was a lot that we had to overcome over the past few months with that migration," Lee said.

Some even told the panel that the team of four that the company has in Jonesboro cannot adequately solve everyone’s problems.

But, that’s something Massey disagrees with.

“I know our employees and I know how dedicated they are to this community, rather you believe that or not. That’s your fault. But, we are not going to throw punches," Massey said.

Ayers told the crowd that this area was the largest and most important market in the state. He says the company does care and that’s why they agreed to the meeting requested by the mayor.

“The issue that we have to get better at and improving on, I acknowledge and I think our company acknowledges," Ayers said.

After the meeting, Ayers confirmed they would be making personal calls and emails to address individual problems and concerns and those in attendance should expect a call by March 6.

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