BBB: Don’t fall for a coronavirus con

Local Doctor Weighs in on Coronavirus
Local Doctor Weighs in on Coronavirus
Updated: Mar. 2, 2020 at 12:07 PM CST
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JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - Despite calls from the president to not panic, concern is growing among Americans about the coronavirus.

Following a weekend rush of shoppers, several stores reported shortages of everything from hand sanitizers and disinfectants to face masks.

As coronavirus concerns grow, the Arkansas Better Business Bureau warns residents to not fall for a coronavirus con.

The BBB says scammers love to take advantage of our fears and will push fake cures, phony prevention measures, and counterfeit face masks.

To spot a coronavirus con, the BBB offers these tips:

  • Don’t panic. Do your research: Be skeptical of alarmist and conspiracy theory claims and don’t rush into buying anything that seems too good – or crazy – to be true. Always double-check information you see online with official news sources.
  • Be wary of personal testimonials and “miracle” product claims. Be suspicious of products that claim to immediately cure a wide range of diseases. No one product could be effective against a long, varied list of conditions or diseases. Also, testimonials are easy to make up and are not a substitute for scientific evidence.
  • It’s “all-natural.” Just because it’s natural does not mean it’s good for you. All-natural does not mean the same thing as safe.
  • Check with your doctor: If you’re tempted to buy an unproven product or one with questionable claims, check with your doctor or other health care professional first.

If you’ve spotted a scam, whether you fell for it or not, the BBB urges you to report it to

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