A&P Commission discusses adding sports commission

A&P Commission discusses adding sports commission

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - The city of Jonesboro wants to form a group aimed at getting extra tourism dollars to the area.

The mayor’s Chief of Staff, Mike Downing, pitched the idea of a sports commission, saying the addition would “stimulate the local economy and increase local sales taxes.”

Chairman Jerry Morgan says the idea started years ago and the addition would help coordinate all the different sports groups and complexes.

If the idea goes through, it could mean adding a commissioner or a full-time coordinator.

“I can tell you; we really want to move this thing forward pretty fast to help with those efforts,” he says. “We feel it would be the single biggest thing that would help generate a lot of income to our town.”

The A&P Commission receives money through the 3¢ hotel tax. Morgan says this tax brings in roughly $700,000 a year.

The possible sports commission could be funded with some of the $700,000 or volunteer funds.

Morgan says this not only would help fuel the sports industry in the area but lots of economies.

“It would be a coordinate effort to help any group that would like to recruit a convention or a meeting in Jonesboro,” he says.

Morgan added more on the sports commissioner’s obligations, if this idea passes.

“A sports commission would help coordinate all the different groups. You have so many volunteers with baseball, softball, volleyball. This person in this group could come in, help coordinate all of those to help fill up all the hotels and the restaurants on the weekends and be a resource for all of those other organizations to really look at dates, help go out and recruit tournaments and help sell the city and bring those people into our town," Morgan said.

The next steps for the sports commission include getting groups together with A-State, the city, Chamber and the A&P Commission.

Then, they hope to bring information gathered to the A&P Commission meeting in the next two months.

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