Senate passes ‘Families First Coronavirus Response Act’

Senator John Boozman speaks on COVID-19

WASHINGTON (Gray DC/AP/KAIT) - The Senate passed a bill Wednesday to ensure paid benefits for many Americans, while millions are holed up at home against the coronavirus.

Lawmakers say it’s a multi-billion dollar aid package that would provide sick and family leave, boost food assistance programs, while also offering free testing for COVID-19.

The Senate approved the plan with a vote, 90-8.

The bill was sent to the White House for President Trump’s signature and the President signed the bill into law Wednesday evening.

Gray DC spoke with lawmakers involved with the vote.

Sen. John Boozman (R-Arkansas) said the first package before lawmakers dealt with the medical community, while a second bill would seek to help people impacted economically.

Boozman said he supports the Trump administration’s approach on the issue and that the next two weeks are very critical.

”We don’t want this spiraling out of control. Did an interview about a week ago there was 500 affect then. We’re at 6,500. The question is a week from now, are we going to have 10 times that, are we going to have 65,000 and then 10 times that. What we’re working really have to do is bend that curve down so we don’t have a real spike that would overwhelm the hospitals,” Boozman said.

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