All-American Michael Carr on Olympics being postponed: “I think it’s a good call.”

Red Wolves Raw: All-American pole vaulter Michael Carr on Olympics being postponed

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - The IOC announced Tuesday morning that the Olympics are being postponed until 2021.

It continues a calendar change across all sports because of the spread of the coronavirus. Several former Red Wolves and Razorbacks are impacted by the news.

Sharika Nelvis tweeted an interesting point: She could be hurdling in 3 major international competitions in the same year.

Sandi Morris won a silver medal in 2016, she'll definitely be in the mix for gold in Tokyo.

I had a chance to chat with 2019 All-American Michael Carr. The Arkansas State and Westside record holder was in the midst of pole vault training.

“Yeah, I think it’s a good call,” he said. “It is kind of disappointing for not just myself and thousands of other athletes are going to have to rethink the next 12 months. It’s really unusual for me, like I’ve been pole vaulting for 12 years. And I never had a spring season where I didn’t compete. I’m going to talk to a few coaches and mentors that I have access to. And also pole vaulters across the nation and see what the plan is. I don’t really know if I should go ahead and act as if the season is going to go on, or if I should just kinda take a little break and then get back into training again. Use this extended time to get a lot more training in and get my body stronger.”

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