Newport organizations working to save small businesses

Newport organizations working to save small businesses

NEWPORT, Ark. (KAIT) - The Newport Area Chamber of Commerce and the Newport Economic Development Commission (NEDC) are working together to save small businesses.

They are calling on residents to support local restaurants. They worry that after this national emergency, those businesses could disappear if they don’t receive financial support from patrons.

“We knew pretty quickly that our restaurants needed help and they were calling our offices looking for help and seeking ways from them to not have to shut down,” said Julie Allen, director of the chamber of commerce.

All restaurants and stores have made adjustments to their times and now are asking citizens to shop with them instead of online.

Jon Chadwell, director of the NEDC, says small businesses do not have the cash reserve like larger businesses and are very limited on how they can pay their staff.

“If we can find ways to be safe and to shop at those local small businesses we preserve the jobs of folks in town," Chadwell said. “Once those folks are laid off, they don’t have any income coming in and it just makes the problem kind of snowball and mushroom.”

The chamber has created a list of all of the restaurants and businesses in the city with their updated times and services.

It’s also assisting distressed businesses find state and federal programs to help them through this hard time. For more help, call Chadwell at 870-523-1009.

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