Hospital ready to take on COVID-19; facility tested person positive for virus

Hospital ready to take on COVID-19; facility tested person positive for virus

PIGGOTT, Ark. (KAIT) - Piggott Community Hospital recently confirmed a positive out of state case of coronavirus, while hospital officials say they were ready then and they plan to stay that way.

Chief Medical Officer Dr. JT Dewitt said they confirmed the COVID-19 case in Dunklin County, Mo.

Dr. Dewitt says the staff used the highly demanded personal protective equipment and followed all procedures correctly.

So far, no one in Piggott has tested positive for the virus. Administrator James Magee says they’re ready and prepared.

When entering the hospital, the staff will take your temperature and screen you with questions.

The Piggott Community Hospital realizes the importance of running operations independently.

Dr. Dewitt says they are ready to take care of you.

“In the past, we would transfer all those patients out of here,” Dr. Dewitt says. “In the event, it gets congested in Jonesboro or north of here, we’ve got the ability to manage some of those patients here now.”

The hospital plans to add Drive-by Testing in Piggott for people with COVID-19 symptoms.

Magee says they still need swabs and that lack of supplies keeps them from getting this operation up and running.

The alinics plan to add telemedicine in the upcoming weeks to help screen patients from the comfort of their homes.

Dr. Dewitt says through it all, he knows it’s important they stay open because to close would be devastating.

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