Jonesboro, Arkansas residents thankful to see another day

EF-3 tornado rips through Jonesboro
EF-3 tornado rips through Jonesboro(Alayna Chapie/KFVS)
Updated: Mar. 30, 2020 at 6:56 PM CDT
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JONESBORO, Ark. (KFVS) - Many residents are thankful to be alive after an EF3 tornado swept through their town on Saturday.

Families and friends were out in the path of destruction looking for anything worth saving.

“I had my family all come help me dig through all the rubble and get all the personal things and clothing I’ll need in the days to come,” said Jane Wewers, whose home was hit by the tornado.

Wewers was the only person home, sitting right in front of her picture window, watching the news.

“When they said that, I thought, ‘maybe I should get in the bathtub,' I got my couch pillow and got in," she said.

Wewers said it was like living in a nightmare.

“Whenever they tell you that it gets pitch black, it got pitch black and you could hear it. It sounded like a train and the bathroom walls were swaying and I could feel myself being lifted like the house was going to be blown out,” she said.

Just across the grass, Porsha Mccoy said she and four others were piled up in the bathroom.

“We just protected each other, we didn’t have anything to cover ourselves, but each other," said Mccoy.

Like Wewers, Mccoy didn’t know what to expect.

“We could feel things, like we was going to get blown away. By the time we opened our eyes all we could see is the sky. So, this is what we are left with, but material things can be replaced, but not your life, so we thankful for that,” said Mccoy.

Wewers is also thankful to see another day.

“These things are material and I survived all this by the grace of God and seeing everybody come out, in human spirit to help each other it’s a real good thing,” she said.

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