Homeschool mom offers tips for learning at home

Homeschool mom offers tips for learning at home

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - With public school out until April 17 due to the coronavirus outbreak, parents and students are adjusting to a new homeschool routine.

Students and parents have had to change up their routines to make sure all the work gets done, and it can be hard on everyone.

Misty Archer has been homeschooling for about 14 years, and she says a lot of her friends with students in public school are worried about finding the right grove for their family.

Archer said every family’s day will look a little different, because each family has their own specific needs.

“Don’t compare yourself, give yourself grace and find your rhythm," said Archer. "It’s trial and error, and beyond that, I would say a schedule, try to sit down with your students and your family and say what works for our schedule.”

While a typical learning day for homeschooled kids hasn’t changed much, they might be missing out on their extra-curricular activities just like students in public school.

Archer said this is a good time to spend with your family and teach life lessons you wouldn’t normally get the chance to do.

She suggests getting in some home economics, teaching your students to cook, clean, and other important basic life-skills.

Finding a way for parents and students to decompress is important, and kids and parents both need alone time.

Make sure students aren’t on their phone all the time and get some kind of physical activity during the day.

Set aside specific times for one-on-one time with your kids if you have multiple students learning at different levels.

Allowing creative time for activities like art, music, and other interests your student might have.

“There’s freedom now to do things now that you didn’t get to do in the classroom like the left-brain exercises," said Archer.

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