Nettleton school district working with students during two crises

Nettleton school district working with students during two crises

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - School districts across Jonesboro are doing what they can to make sure students are not left behind during what they call "unprecedented” times.

While the classroom setting officially changed for students everywhere, Nettleton School District Superintendent James Dunivan said they want to make sure all of their students are okay.

“We want them to take care of themselves first, take care of their safety," Dunivan said. “But we want them to know that we are still here for their safety."

COVID-19 already presented its challenges, but for some students, their homes were also impacted by the tornado, making logging in to do the schoolwork even more difficult.

Dunivan said they don’t want school to be a stressor. Right now, students are not being taught any new curriculum and teachers are available if students need them.

Before the March 28 tornado, around 60-70% of students were logging in. He believes the number has dropped since.

For those students who can log in, he says they are going to continue to educate them until the end of the semester.

“We are pulling a lot of rabbits out of a lot of hats, but, the overall message that I would like to stress to the kids is you work as hard as you can, do what you can, but the things you cannot do for whatever reason, we are going to get you caught up when school starts back,” Dunivan said.

The district is working with PBS to help with curriculum for kindergarten through eighth grade, and high school students are working with their teachers.

His biggest hope is by summer the curve is flattened and they can be back in the classroom by August.

Dunivan added with the recent news of graduation being postponed indefinitely, there will be a virtual graduation.

If this all passes by the summer, they will work on having an actual ceremony.

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