New program connects farmers with available work force

New program connects farmers with available work force

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - U.S. Representative Rick Crawford announced a new program that looks to connect farmers with those out of a job.

The program is called Arkansas FARM Corps.

Crawford said with the current COVID-19 pandemic causing strict travel restriction, many farmers are experiencing a labor shortage in areas where foreign labor from the H2A visa program typically was.

The Farm and Ranch Mission Corps looks to connect the available workforce, especially veterans, those in the National Guard, and reservists, with farmers and ranchers for work.

“Anybody that wants to make a difference, because here’s the thing, food security is national security, and this is a patriotic call to action,” Crawford said. “This is an urgent call that farmers are making, and we really need to help in order to secure our food and fiber.”

Job openings are available to anyone looking for jobs, including college students.

He said the University of Arkansas is offering intern credits to those who participate and encouraged other colleges and universities to do the same.

Crawford asked people looking for a job to go into farming with an open mind.

He said the industry is a tech-driven ag economy and people would be surprised by the technological side of farming.

Crawford even said other lawmakers are looking to start programs in their states.

It launched in partnership with Arkansas Farm Bureau, Arkansas

Department of Agriculture, Arkansas National Guard, University of Arkansas Divison of Agriculture, and the Arkansas Divison of Veterans Affairs.

If you would like to be apart of Arkansas Farm Corps, click here. You can also call Crawford’s office at 870-203-0540.

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