Doctors warn against medicating yourself at home

Doctors urge caution when self-medicating

BROOKLAND, Ark. (KAIT) - During the coronavirus pandemic, some may think a simple cough or cold can be cured at home.

However, doctors are urging patients to still seek professional advice.

Medicines sitting in cabinets or drawers over the years lose their potency, according to NEA Baptist Dr. Meghan Lyerly.

She says self-medicating, or taking certain medicines without consulting a doctor first, is a bad idea.

She also advises you to keep a close watch on your family members, both young and elderly.

“If you’ve noticed your teens or elderly acting different, or seem to be complaining about different symptoms more often, it might be something to talk to them about to make sure they’re not taking any medications that may be potentially harmful,” Lyerly said.

She suggests looking for signs of behavioral changes such as acting differently or complaining about symptoms more often.

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