St. Bernards opens ‘Market-ish’ for its employees

St. Bernards opens market for employees

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - St. Bernards Medical Center has opened a makeshift marketplace for their employees to shop.

Products such as water, Pop-tarts, and even toilet paper and paper towels are being sold to employees.

St. Bernards Director of Nutritional Services Stacy Hindman calls it the ‘Market-ish.’

It’s not much, but it does give employees at St. Bernards the essentials they need without having to travel to the grocery store.

“We decided to open the Market-ish here at St. Bernards just to help out our employees,” Hindman says. “Nutritional services decided they wanted to do something just to lend a helping hand.”

Hindman says that it was extremely important that their healthcare workers were taken care of. She says it’s just a part of being in the St. Bernards family.

“Our employees were just so grateful that we were doing this for them and that we were remembering them and thinking about them and, just, how St. Bernards is a family,” Hindman said.

Hindman added that the community has supported healthcare workers greatly during this season and St. Bernards just wants to do their part in making the workers feel appreciated.

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