City council extends nightly curfew

Jonesboro City Council discusses curfew

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - The nightly curfew highlighted the city council meeting Tuesday night as members determined whether they should extend it for another 2 weeks.

City leaders voted to adopt the extension, but that decision didn't come without some debate.

"We're elected by the people and we're here to represent those people's feelings. I have not had anybody call me or send me one single email other than what we forwarded to me from the city that is in favor of this," Mitch Johnson, Jonesboro city councilman, said.

City Council Meeting: April 21, 2020

City Council Meeting: April 21, 2020 For public information, comments, or questions: o E-mail; or, o Telephone to 870-336-7248 (Please use the other methods above if possible)

Posted by City of Jonesboro, AR - Government on Tuesday, April 21, 2020

This was after a presentation by City Medical Director Dr. Shane Speights, which explained in detail what he's learned about the coronavirus.

Dr. Speights also addressed concerns as we begin to reopen the state.

Bobby Long wanted more information before extending the curfew.

"To me, any further continuation of a curfew of any kind should be based on objective data showing why the curfew should be enacted, with a stated goal that when reached a curfew would be lifted and to my understanding, there is no such data in this case," Bobby Long, Jonesboro city councilman, said.

When it came up for a vote, Bobby Long, Mitch Johnson, and Chris Gibson moved against the extension.

However, it still passed after 8 other city leaders voted for it to remain in effect until the next city council meeting.

On April 9, Mayor Perrin issued the Declaration of Local Emergency which included the curfew that began that Friday, April 10.

The city council also passed a resolution regarding the $3.2 million grant going towards the JET Bus Service.

JET Director Michael Black said the money can be used for things like operations, capital improvements, para-transit, and planning.

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