Medical marijuana dispensary makes changes due to COVID-19

Dispensary given final approval to open in West Memphis

COVID-19 leads to medical marijuana dispensary changes

CRAIGHEAD COUNTY, Ark. (KAIT) - Sales continue at medical marijuana dispensaries across the state of Arkansas, but COVID-19 has made dispensaries change the way they sell their product.

Lance Huey, general manager of NEA Full Spectrum, said Monday that instead of having three registers open, they are down to one.

They are also only allowing one patient in the sales area instead of the three before.

Now there are lines outside the building instead of inside.

At times the wait has been upward of 2 hours, Huey said, during the busy hours.

For people not wanting to wait in line, there is an option to order the product online and pick it up at NEA Full Spectrum.

Overall, Huey said people have shown patience.

“We’ve adjusted with our two-line system, with our online ordering, so we are learning as we go,” Huey said. “Our patients have been good, they’ve been patient in line, working through the lines and the wait.”

New numbers released by the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration showed that Arkansas hit a milestone in medical marijuana sales on April 14.

On that day, the state had sold over 10,000 pounds of medical marijuana with sales totaling $63.37 million.

NEA Full Spectrum has sold over 378 pounds of medical marijuana.

The Arkansas Alcoholic Beverage Control also gave final approval to Comprehensive Care Group in West Memphis, Ark. to open their dispensary. The dispensary will go by the name “Body and Mind.”

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