Businesses provide meals to City Youth Ministries

Businesses partner up to provide City Youth Ministries with meals

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) -Rain on Wednesday didn’t stop one youth organization from feeding kids and their families.

Children in the City Youth Ministries received chicken leg quarters, baked beans, and peach cobbler through a drive-through pickup.

Around 180 children and families received the meals, thanks to a partnership between Sue’s Kitchen and Centennial Bank.

Harold Copenhaver and John Williams said without the partnership some of these families would go without meals.

They agreed it’s important that both businesses come together to provide for the families.

“Building those relationships and our community coming together has built the relationship between John and I over the years," Copenhaver said. "So, it was an easy expression of ‘hey how do we support our students, our children who are not going to school that normally have a meal in the evening, this still provides that opportunity for them.”

City Youth Ministries said they’re reinventing themselves for these times and continue to ask for help in serving the students.

Copenhaver and Williams are challenging others in the community to help if they can by providing meals.

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