Three Red Wolves selected to Sun Belt All-Time Baseball Team

Three Red Wolves selected to Sun Belt All-Time Baseball Team
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Press Release from the Sun Belt Conference

All-time roster construction is an exercise that has been going on for years and is not a new concept. Just about every major media entity, fan, etc., has put together their own form of their team's all-time roster or a league's all-time roster.

The Sun Belt's concept is no different. This was a fun, little exercise to pass the time during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

If you are a baseball fan, like many, you have toyed with the idea of being manager for a day and attempted to fill out your personal all-time baseball lineup or roster. Most people would consider some selections no-brainers, while other positions may be much tougher to fill. This is, of course, not because there is not a plethora of talent to choose from, narrowing it down to one player per position or from a certain era is a challenge.

It is always fun to pick your team in a fantasy scenario. While many of the players listed below were nominated by our member institutions, several fans wrote in their own players who they thought should be on the list.

For decades the Sun Belt has been considered one of the top leagues in the country and several former student-athletes participated for teams who contributed to the league's overall baseball success and are no longer in the league. The list below did not take into account when the players participated for each university. The process was streamlined to utilize former players from our current member institutions.


Tyler Zuber, Arkansas State (2014-17)

Chris Beck, Georgia Southern (2010-12)

Hunter Gaddis, Georgia State (2017-19)

Ron Guidry, Louisiana (1969-70)

Gunner Leger, Louisiana (2015-19)

Chuck Finley, ULM (1984-85)

Ben Sheets, ULM (1997-99)

Kevin Hill, South Alabama (2014-16)

Jon Lieber, South Alabama (1991-92)

Tyler Ray, Troy (2009-12)


Jonathan Lucroy, Louisiana (2005-07)

Nick Thurman, Louisiana (2013-16)

Jared Barnes, South Alabama (2015-17)

Chase Smartt, Troy (2016-19)


Kevin Woodall Jr., Coastal Carolina (2016-18)

Paul Goldschimdt, Texas State (2007-09)

Clint Robinson, Troy (2004-07)


Zach George, Arkansas State (2011-15)

Hector Crespo, Appalachian State (2010-13)

Tommy La Stella, Coastal Carolina (2010-11)

Jace Conrad, Louisiana (2012-14)

Blake Trahan, Louisiana (2013-15)

Marlon Anderson, South Alabama (1993-95)

Adam Bryant, Troy (2008-11)

Matt Sanders, Troy (2015-18)


Chad Bell, ULM (2017-19)

David Freese, South Alabama (2005-06)

Ryan Roberts, UT Arlington (2002-03)


Todd Baumgartner, Arkansas State (2008-10)

Ryan Scott, Little Rock (2013-2016)

Luis Gonzalez, South Alabama (1986-88)

Juan Pierre, South Alabama (1998)

Travis Swaggerty, South Alabama (2016-18)

Hunter Pence, UT Arlington (2003-04)

Brandon Lockridge, Troy (2016-18)

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