Hospital designates COVID-19 testing area

Hospital designates COVID-19 testing area

BLYTHEVILLE, Ark. (KAIT) - A Blytheville hospital works to ensure patient safety while also testing for COVID-19.

The Great River Medical Center’s front entrance now functions as a testing center to take nasal swab tests and antibody serum tests.

This testing center opened Tuesday. Since opening, eight patients visited the center.

CEO Chris Raymer says it’s important to work ahead to prevent the spread of the virus.

“We wanted to go to a single area that we could send those people to, with appropriate PPE. It reduces the amount of PPEs used in other places by concentrating it into one area,” he says.

Before opening the testing center, the ER and clinics swabbed patients with symptoms.

He says like any project, a lot of work went into it.

“It’s a challenge. There are a lot of guidelines you have to meet. We’re making sure we’re meeting all of those.”

Great River Medical Center holds 99 beds. Nine of which are in the ICU. Raymer says the hospital has a total of eight ventilators.

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