Dentist will proceed with caution after reopening

Clinic erring on the side of caution

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - As the state of Arkansas works to lift COVID-19 restrictions, a dental clinic in Jonesboro says once reopening they will err on the side of caution.

Children’s Clinic of Jonesboro and Smile & Co. operates under Dr. Misee Harris.

Since the pandemic, they operate under emergencies only. After the May 17 reopening date, she says her clinic will only operate at 25 percent.

“Don’t expect to just go into the dentist and get your teeth whitened,” she says. “Those are things that can wait, for sure, but anything that’s urgent or something that’s going to end up being that way, I’d say go in for.”

PPE demands also make dental pricing go up. She says typically for patients, they’re only billed $2 or $3. Now, since the pandemic, PPE cost upwards of $10.

However, Dr. Harris says they will not turn anyone away in pain.

She says her clinic uses sliding scales for payments, meaning depending on your income, she can work with you on your dental bill.

If you would rather use teledentistry or online dental help, you can visit Dr. Harris’s dedicated Facebook page.

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