A man, an accordion and a pandemic

It’s the ‘Prince of Prague’

Nebraska man plays accordion on bench

PRAGUE, Neb. (Gray News) – Joy is where you find it in the middle of a pandemic.

Even in a rural Nebraska, social distancing is taking its toll.

The streets of Prague are empty – no cars, no voices and seemingly no people.

But listen closely and you begin to hear the faint sounds of music.

Follow that tune down the street and around the corner and you’ll discover Mark Nemec, the “Prince of Prague,” playing a polka.

Karen Kader found him while visiting the community of 300 people, about 50 miles west of Omaha.

“A lone gentleman sat on a red white & blue bench, a beer next to him, the American flag above & was he playing the accordion & singing!” Kader said in a Facebook post to Nebraska through the lens.

During a pandemic, Mark Nemec, the “Prince of Prague," plays for the joy of it.
During a pandemic, Mark Nemec, the “Prince of Prague," plays for the joy of it. (Source: Karen Kader)

Nemec is the owner of the Kolache Korner Café, a little eatery that reflects his family’s Czech heritage.

He has few customers these days, all his business is carryout because of social distancing, but still he plays.

Numec believes people need something nowadays that brings joy. This is his way of showing it.

For now, he misses his family and friends, and plays on his bench every nice evening he can.

He looks forward to the future when his restaurant opens, and the community can gather again.

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