Video shows praying mantis eating ‘murder hornet’

Do we have a new enemy or a new friend?

(Gray News) – Maybe the “murder hornet” isn’t as bad as we first thought.

The Twitter video posted by Nature is Metal shows a praying mantis getting the best of a “murder hornet,” a creature most of us didn’t know anything about a week ago.

The invasive Asian giant hornets can measure 2 inches long have been spotted in Washington state. Experts say they’re not big killers of humans, although it does happen on rare occasions.

Scientists are concerned these hornets will decimate beehives. The world's largest hornets do decapitate entire hives of honeybees. The crucial food pollinators are already in big trouble.

Warning: Some may find this video disturbing

In the video, the mantis and hornet are locked in a life-and-death struggle.

The mantis grabs the hornet and holds tight when it turns its back. The mantis then begins eating the hornet’s head until nothing is left.

The entire time, the hornet is trying to sting its captor, but is unsuccessful.

This round goes to the mantis.

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