Arkansas Black Hall of Fame offers financial support through COVID-19 grants for organizations

AR Black Hall of Fame providing COVID-19 mini grants

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KAIT) - The Arkansas Black Hall of Fame, in partnership with the Arkansas Department of Health Office of Health Equity, is now providing COVID-19 mini-grants.

These grants, up to $1,000, are specifically for organizations serving black and other underserved communities across the state.

“Those resources are there in the state, they’re there through the country, and many times, our people are being omitted and passed by in getting those," Charles Stewart, Founder & CEO, said. "We are trying to challenge some of those dollars into those communities that are oftentimes overlooked."

Since 2004, Stewart said the organization has extended more than $1 million in grants and other investments targeting communities of color in Arkansas.

ARBHOF has committed $25,000 to help these organizations around the state. It can be a social, civic, or faith-based organization, and it does not have to be a 501(c)3.

They are asking that everyone fill out this form and answer a couple of questions regarding purpose and budget, and also be able to provide a post-grant report.

Stewart said accountability is important when it comes to the grant and they only want the organizations to ask for an amount they truly need.

ARBHOF is also raising another $25,000 and is more than halfway there to offer a second round of grants.

In addition to those two grants, the organization is also seeking federal assistance.

“We are applying for CARE ACT money, that if we are successful in getting, will allow us to scale this program up significantly and reach that many more people throughout the state of Arkansas who have been and are being impacted by this pandemic," Stewart said.

He said there are no strings attached. The money is available until it runs out.

For more information, visit their website here.

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