Dentists across Arkansas reopen with new policies in place

Dentists across Arkansas reopen with new policies in place

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - Dentist offices across Arkansas reopened with the governor’s permission, and chairs saw many ready to get procedures done.

Dr. Tony Bartels owns and operates Bartels Family Dentistry. He says in the beginning, it went from shock to being aware, then educating yourself on the pandemic’s new requirements.

His offices now operate differently, but with peace of mind.

They take your temperature, screen you with questions, then take you back. Before operations begin, you must wash your hands and swish a rinse in your mouth for 20 seconds.

Dr. Bartels said his colleagues in dentistry helped him prepare.

“I stay in contact with a lot of dentists I graduated with from LSU, and they were all closing earlier than we were. Some of them lived in hotspots, New Orleans and such,” Bartels said. “There’s about 12 of us that keep in close contact, so I got to see how it played out in states that had hotspots before it came to Jonesboro. It helped us get a jump on it.”

His offices treated 30-40 patients Monday.

Bartel said he’s hopeful operations stay open and encourages everyone to wear masks in public.

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