JPD calls down; Chief Elliott says officers working hard despite decline

JPD calls down; Chief Elliott says officers working hard despite decline

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - The Jonesboro Police Department’s monthly report came out with some surprising numbers showing a decline in work accomplished.

JPD Calls 6,160 4,248
Traffic Accidents 270 161
Traffic Stops 1,924 300

Jonesboro Police Chief Rick Elliott says numbers have decreased due to the coronavirus pandemic, noting it’s kept people at home, and not out and about.

“We average anywhere from 270 plus accidents a month in Jonesboro. Last month, we were down to about 161,” he says.

He considers fewer collisions a good thing. Citizens are less likely to get hurt and it is less time for officers to be at an accident scene with people.

This also poses a lesser threat to officers, contracting the coronavirus.

The officers and the department have utilized the time to play catch up. Officers have been doing online training, as well as extra vehicle and weapons maintenance.

Since the pandemic still poses a threat, officers aren’t necessarily stopping citizens for every violation.

“There are certain things we’re not going to tolerate,” he says. “We might give you some leeway on that seat belt or a little bit of speeding, but anything that’s a gross violation or a safety issue, especially other people in the road, we’re going to stop you and deal with you.”

Chief Elliott mentioned their DWI enforcement has stayed relatively the same. In April 2020, 16 charges were made. In April 2019, officers applied 11 DWI charges.

To view the April monthly report, click here.

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