Experts share tips for battling anxiety, depression when going back to work

Experts share tips for battling anxiety, depression when going back to work

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Being stuck at home during the pandemic has led to isolation which can be damaging to a person's mental health, but some are now returning to work which is likely to cause anxiety as well. Experts at The Transformation Center in Memphis shared tips on facing these challenges.

"Challenges brought about by COVID-19 are truly unparalleled," Psychiatrist Dr. Shubi Mukatira said.

With the closing of schools and businesses and the need for social distancing, social interaction is at a minimum.

The Transformation Center’s experts say the isolation that the pandemic has created can cause mental health problems like depression and anxiety. For the few times people do leave the house, or for those returning to work, being out can also be stressful.

The Transformation Center's Director of Clinical Services Leslie Lindsey said, "You get out and there's the social distancing aspect where people do not social distance, so we increase anxiety."

One thing that can help someone cope with everything that's happened is to stick to a schedule when at home.

Dr. Mukatira said, "Sticking to a regular bedtime and waking schedule. Incorporating regular exercise, and maintaining social connection with family and friends through the telephone or virtually."

Dr. Mukatira suggests that people focus on controlling what they can when out and about by following CDC guidelines.

Lindsey also says you may want to take time away from the phone and laptop for a bit.

“When we infiltrate ourselves with numbers, we infiltrate ourselves and become obsessive about the numbers. That either intensifies either depression or anxiety,” Lindsey said.

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