Camping allowed with restrictions at Craighead Forest Park

Camping allowed with restrictions at Craighead Forest Park

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - The Craighead Forest Park lifted restrictions on camping, and officials say the park will ensure sanitation.

Over 40 spots in the park allow RVs and camper trailers to come to enjoy the outdoors.

Parks and recreation director Danny Kapales says as of Monday, the campsite remains at 50 percent capacity.

“People are looking for a safe way to get out and break the monotony of being home,” he says. “We do have trails, we have a lake for people to fish in, and some folks looking for a safe way to get out and vacation for the weekend, this is a place for them to come.”

Campsite visitors have no screening restrictions. Kapales says staff sanitizes the restroom facility routinely in the area.

He says campers sanitize their spots and keep to themselves.

“They’re self-contained,” he says. “Most people have enclosed restrooms, their own bedding, they’re staying inside, and they’re staying inside from other locations.”

One family from Maumelle moved their camper in on Monday morning and plan to visit Lake Charles next week.

Hannah Davis encourages people to get outside but understands if people have their second thoughts.

“If you don’t feel comfortable, just stay at home, and just wait a little bit longer,” she says. “If you feel comfortable with going outside then [don’t].”

While the campsite now welcomes visitors, some park attractions do not allow use.

  • No tent camping
  • No using exercise equipment
  • Pavilions and playgrounds closed

“We do not have the staff to maintain and sanitize right after every use,” he explains.

For more information on how to secure a campsite, click here.

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