One official sends reminder to those returning to the lake for holidays

One official sends reminder to those returning to the lake for holidays

INDEPENDENCE CO., Ark. (KAIT) - Memorial Day is just a week away, and while many of you have been stuck in the house; there’s no question that some of you will be hitting the lake.

COVID-19 has left several staring down the walls in their homes.

Independence County Sheriff Shawn Stephens says things have not changed if you are planning to enjoy Memorial Day on the lake.

“I know everybody has been cooped up, they want to get out, they want to enjoy the sunshine, the beautiful weather we are having. But, if you are going to drink and you are going to be out, do so in moderation," Stephens said.

He says number one, remember your boating safety and life jackets.

For those who plan to partake in adult beverages drink in moderation and also understand the operator of the boat should not be drinking.

This holiday is also coming during a time where many departments have seen furloughs.

Sheriff Stephens confirmed however while they will try to have patrols out on White River as often as they can… citizens should not be concerned.

“Most of our dive team that we have are volunteers anyway. We have a few of the volunteer firemen some of our reserve officers are on the dive team. We are ready to respond anytime there’s an incident. So, if something happens, people don’t have to worry about us showing up. We’re going to show up,” Stephens said.

Now the Independence County Sheriff’s Office Dive Team does have three different size boats and also a dive trailer.

The sheriff also adding that they would be more than happy to travel to neighboring counties if they need assistance.

Stephens said he just wants everyone to be cautious, be safe and have a good time.

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