Telehealth keeping students on track during COVID-19 pandemic

Telehealth keeping students on track during COVID-19 pandemic

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - Students across the United States have felt the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

But, students in the Arkansas State University Speech and Hearing Center found a way to work around the problems through telehealth.

The director of the center, Arianna Pait, says her students embraced the challenge.

"What they did is hunker down and they fought against this virus," says Pait.

When the college shut down, Pait had to find a way to continue their services, not only for patients but for students needing to stay on track to graduate.

"Our students have to get 400 contact hours before graduation," says Pait.

Pait says that Telehealth has worked wonders for the center.

Telehealth has made new challenges for both patients and students to learn something new, and it has paid off.

“They are ahead of schedule in terms of their clinical clock hours, when compared to previous classes,” says Pait.

Pait says she couldn’t be more proud of her students and patients, noting Telehealth has a bright future within their program.

"I am hopeful for the next generation of speech-language pathologists and just pretty much in awe of this class and how they have responded so beautifully," says Pait.

If you would like to know more about the Speech and Hearing Center, you can go to the Arkansas State University website here.

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