Rainy weather slowing down farmers

Rainy weather slowing down farmers

CRAIGHEAD COUNTY, Ark. (KAIT) - Weather is everything when it comes to farming, and farmers are hoping for drier weather so they can put their livelihood in the ground.

“We can’t get our crops in in a timely manner,” farmer Shaun Smith said.

Smith farms about 1,100 acres of land with his brother between Bay and Trumann, and said the rain this year has set them back.

“We’re actually behind somewhat what from what we were last year,” Smith said.

He said it not necessarily that we have seen more rain, it is the lack of dry days between rainy days.

“You know an inch here, a half-inch here, and it is staying so cloud. That is one of the main deals that it is so cloudy," Smith said.

Smith spoke to Region 8 News Thursday over the phone because he is trying to get his crops planted.

“We are planting seed beans right now," Smith noted.

He said this is the perfect time of the year to plant seed beans. He has even got most of his rice crop planted, but his corn crop is another story.

“We haven’t got even half of the corn planted that we wanted to plant, but were probably going to switch over to soybeans, I figure,” Smith said.

Smith was asked if that was a common occurrence to switch to a different crop when farmers get behind.

“Yeah. Unless you have that crop, you know contracted. Sometimes you end up having to plant it," Smith said.

He said it usually doesn’t cost more money to switch the crop.

“It’s just, you know, the fact that you didn’t get planted what you wanted to plant," Smith said.

Out of his 1,100 acres he farms, only around 300 acres have been planted, but he is staying positive.

“I always just try to think of it this way. The good Lord got us where he wants us. It’s really not our position to question him so we just kind of roll with the punches," Smith said.

Smith said if we could have a few days to dry out, it would take him no time to get his crops in the ground.

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