Trash collection ordinance presented, not voted on at Cherokee Village meeting

Ordinance heads back to committee, Mayor says

Trash collection ordinance to be presented at Cherokee Village meeting

CHEROKEE VILLAGE, Ark. (KAIT) - The ordinance on garbage pickup was not voted on at the Cherokee Village City Council meeting Thursday, and was sent back to the committee to be rewritten.

The ordinance dealing with waste management was read for the first time at the meeting.

Mayor Russ Stokes presented the ordinance, which would require every Cherokee Village resident to have trash pickup.

Currently, the city has a contract with a waste company, but garbage isn’t being picked up at every home. The company also provides a dumpster per month for the city at no cost. Mayor Stokes says the lack of trash pickup has caused the city some problems, especially with illegal dumpsites.

“What’s prompted this ordinance is we’re having a problem with trash being left in areas where you’re not supposed to be leaving trash," Mayor Stokes said. "[Those] illegal dumpsites have to be cleaned up.”

The city did have an arrangement that allowed residents to buy a trash cart and dispose of trash at a site, but Mayor Stokes said he had to move away from this system due to items being thrown away at sites that weren’t among the items approved by the city to be trashed.

Mayor Stokes adds that if this ordinance passes, he expects the cost for the individual homeowner would decrease. While he expects some resistance to change, the mayor says he doesn’t expect a ton of pushback.

In addition to the ordinance presented by the mayor, also on the agenda for Thursday’s meeting was a discussion brought forth by a citizen who is concerned with a retail building in the city.

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