Mass. boy gets birthday phone call from International Space Station

LOWELL, Mass. (WCVB/CNN) - A boy in Massachusetts got a birthday surprise that was out of this world.

Lucas St. Onge has dreamed of meeting an astronaut and on his ninth birthday, a phone call delivered on that dream.

Not only was he celebrating his birthday, but also the four-year anniversary of his multiple organ transplant.

“He is in a lot better place than he was four years ago,” his mother, Heather St. Onge, said.

“I feel amazing. And awesome,” Lucas added.

His celebrations started with a chorus of sirens and continued with birthday wishes from a parade of friends. Along with the celebration outside his home, he also got a surprise phone call from hundreds of miles away.

“His name is Chris Cassidy. He blasted off in April,” Lucas said.

Cassidy, an astronaut stationed at the International Space Station, called Lucas to say, “Happy birthday, my friend!”

That phone call meant the world to Lucas, who has already been through so much.

“It’s an incredible feeling knowing he is here with all the ups and downs he’s gone through in life,” Heather St. Onge said.

Lucas is doing well, health-wise, and has his sights set on becoming an astronaut.

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