Public urged to keep perspective on Memorial Day meaning

The Craighead County Historical Society President says this Memorial Day is different than most other days

Public urged to keep perspective on Memorial Day meaning

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - There’s no question this Memorial Day is unlike any other we’ve seen in recent history.

Danny Honnoll, president of the Craighead County Historical Society, said planning for this Memorial Day was extremely different than in recent years.

Normally around 200 people gather at the Craighead County Veterans Memorial in downtown Jonesboro he said. But it was empty Monday after the ceremony was canceled.

Despite the absence, Honnoll said the meaning of Memorial Day does not change, no matter what is happening in this country.

“We all need to stop today and at least thank the servicemen of this country for what they’ve done to preserve our freedom," Honnoll said. "Without their drops of blood, we would not have our drops of freedom that we have today.”

Honnoll added the holiday is especially important for him. His grandfather, Willie Wiseman Honnoll, fought in World War I and his birthday falls on Memorial Day. That’s why the statue honoring a WWI doughboy holds special meaning.

Even though the public observance of Memorial Day in downtown Jonesboro was canceled, the Craighead County Veterans Monument Foundation still offers bricks that you can purchase on their website.

The bricks will be placed this month and in November to honor veterans.

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