Harrisburg city pool reopens with COVID-19 restrictions

Harrisburg city pool reopens with COVID-19 restrictions

HARRISBURG, Ark. (KAIT) - Another Region 8 pool unlocked its gates to the public Tuesday.

The Harrisburg City Pool opened with new regulations after staying closed two weeks later than its normal summer schedule due to COVID-19.

With new guidelines, management at the pool will ask everyone screening questions, along with keeping a record of the names and information to help with contact tracing.

They are also keeping the six feet guideline going even in the water.

For families, they are asking them to stay in the same area and for others to keep their distance.

Skyler Cronin, Harrisburg City Pool Manager, said everyone’s safety is their concern, even while having fun, and they are doing everything they can to ensure that.

“Every 30 minutes during rotations, each lifeguard will bring out Lysol wipes. They will wipe down all the poles, they’ll wipe down bathrooms and do walk-throughs to make sure everything is wiped down," Cronin said.

Just like restaurants, the pool can only operate at half capacity, which is around 70 people.

For the five hours they were open on Tuesday, around 34 people visited.

Mayor Justin Kimbell also confirmed that the city tests PH, chlorine levels, and all the chemicals for the pool every morning.

For more information about the pool, click here.

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